úterý 20. listopadu 2012

Shine ya light

These last 2 weeks were incredible... unfortunately I am so lazy to capture the moments. I think sometimes we just have to enjoy it instead of wanting to eternalize it.  
At least I took these photos which were inspired by Shine ya light video by Rita Ora. I didn´t photoshoped them cause it wouldn´t be the exact moment of myself metaphorically trying to shine ma´ lights. 
Me and my friends spent this weekend in Picadilly circus having the best time ever. We went to Pub crawl event and saw several different clubs and pubs in Covent garden, Leicester square and Picadilly Circus. 
Although we had some free shots, we went to tesco and bought a bottle of Havana with coke and drank it all sitting on the tesco window directly in front of the Picadilly. Afterwards we were dancing and just having fun cause in one club there were so many guys we thought it was a gay club:D but it wasn´t  they started to be really intrusive to me and Besse so were glad having our male friends with us :D 
At 3 a.m they forced us to leave the dance floor - that´s something I dont really get, it was only 3 a.m.! I thought the night just began. Me and my friends in Czech use to party till mornings especially in my hometown. Kinda thinking we are party animals. 
Anyway after leaving the club we saw some rastafarian guy playing Bob Marley in the middle of Picadilly and had such a huge crowd of dancing people around him. So we joined them and ended our night with a song Don´t worry be happy. 
Life tastes great! 

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