úterý 9. října 2012

Last week random

crazy Topshop bra

B & L, Portobello road market

This dress will totally be mine.. <3 :D

School day breakfast, thursday´s rutine... 

Some photos from Camden...

Portobello again and my narcissistic self ..

This week is different... 
I´ve done all my homeworks, all my reading for next week and been already prepared for my visitor.
I started to feel really bad about myself after weeks of doing nothing just hanging out, drinking and eating oreos muffins and toasts and other unhealthy british food so I finally convinced myself and went to gym... and it is giving me pretty hard time (after 1 month of doing nothing? Why do I wonder?) 
 I am literelly dying every day during my workout... but I am proud of myself :D 
and tommorow again!
wish me luck 

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  1. Nice pics!! Love this market, great atmosphere there!! It makes me a bit nostalgic though...